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4 "Sweet" Stories for Your Sweetheart - digital only

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We've put together 4 of our favorite, modern, funny, poignant love stories to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Stories Include:

Dating Your Mom by Ian Frazier
Performed by Isaiah Sheffer

Looking for the perfect woman?  Have you considered your mom?  Frazier spells out all the hilarious advantages to considering this scenario.

Some Contemporary Characters by Rick Moody
Performed by Aya Cash and Mike Birbiglia

The well-known author of The Ice Storm among many published titles has probably taken the honors for first tweeted story. It appeared in increments, 140 characters at a time, in Electric Literature, and comic Mike Birbiglia and Aya Cash scintillate as the hopelessly mismatched couple in what Moody punningly entitled, “Some Contemporary Characters.”

You Were Perfectly Fine by Dorothy Parker
Performed by David Furr & Aya Cash

Looking for reassurance from his friend, a very hung over man remembers his embarrassing drunken behavior from the night before.   A timeless classic.

Balloon Night by Tom Barbash
Performed by Tom Cavanagh

Set on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the night before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, when all of the giant balloons are inflated, it’s traditional to throw a party to watch the balloons come to life. The protagonist, Timkin, is trying conceal from his guests the fact that his wife has left him.


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