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Who doesn't love a laugh?  Now add Alec Baldwin, Dorothy Parker, Ian Frazier, David Rakoff and more and you're really laughing.  10 stories including one never-before-heard-on-the-radio as well as several previously unreleased in our store added to a few we pulled just because they are too good not to be included.  You can buy them all or as single story downloads.

Stories include: 

"Nachman from Los Angeles" by Leonard Michaels read by David Rakoff

"The Day the Dam Broke" by James Thurber read by Alec Baldwin

"Dating Your Mom" by Ian Frazier read by Isaiah Sheffer

"Customer Service at the Karaoke Don Quixote" by Juan Martinez read by Nathan Corddry

"The 7/10 Split"  by John Sayles read by Christine Baranski

"You Were Perfectly Fine" by Dorothy Parker read by David Furr & Aya Cash

"Trouble and the Shadowy Deathblow" by Patrick Somerville read by Michael Showalter

"Ever After" by Kim Addonizio read by Christine Ebersole

"The Smoker" by David Schickler read by Robert Sean Leonard

"How to Talk to a Hunter" by Pam Huston read by Mia Dillon    




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