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Bloomsday on Broadway XXIV - 4CD set

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Love! Literature! Language! Lust!
Actors and avid Joyceans read James Joyce's Ulysses.

Bloomsday on Broadway celebrates June 16, 1904, the most famous fictional date in literature, when Leopold Bloom walked around Dublin in the pages of James Joyce's Ulysses. Since 1981, Hundreds of acclaimed actors have joined avid Joyceans, writers, critics and scholars on stage at Symphony Space to read selections from the book that heralded the birth of modern literature. Bloomsday on Broadway XXIV: Leopold's Women Bloom was recorded at Peter Norton Symphony Space in New York City on Thursday, June 16th 2005 from 7pm until after midnight, broadcast live on WBAI and streamed over the internet on The Bloomsday Radio Network at

Disc 1

A Whirlwind Tour of The Women in Ulysses
1. Introduction
2. Chorus of 34 Mollys
Fran Barrett, Tamara Codor, Kellie Ciofalo, Elizabeth DuVal, Barbara Feldon, Barbara Hammond, Delphi Harrington, Aimee Howard, Nicole Kovacs, Sarah Montague, Fidelma Murphy, Jo McNamara, Mercedes McAndrew, Mara McEwin, Gemma O'Brien, Kate O'Brien, Imelda O'Reilly, Frances Scanlon, Eugenia Schraa, Laoisa Sexton, Laurie Sheppard, Laurissa Paulina Romain, Rose Russell, Ginny Sanders, Lindsay Sullivan, Emerie Snyder, Naomi Thornton, Nola Tully, Fiona Walsh, Maureen Young with Aaron Beall as Bloom and Jack Allen Greenfield as Baby Purefoy
3. Lestrygonians
excerpt read by Malachy McCourt, Fidelma Murphy, John Tighe. In Yiddish ‰ÛÒ Isaiah Sheffer, Caraid O'Brien
4. Wandering Rocks
excerpt read by John Leighton, Emerie Snyder, Stephen Kass
5. Sirens
excerpt read by Barbara Rosenblat, Lois Smith, Christine Louise Berry, John Tighe, Andr̩ Aciman
6. "Seaside Girls"
sung by Lisa Flanagan
7. Nausicaa
excerpt read by Bernadette Quigley, Frank Delaney 8. "Down by The Sally Gardens"
sung by Martha Guenther and Kristina Doot
9. Oxen of the Sun
excerpts read by Sarah Montague, Paul Hecht, Malachy McCourt
10. Joyce's letter to Nora
read by John Spinks
11. Circe
excerpt read by Isaiah Sheffer, Barbara Feldon, Aaraon Beall, Imelda O'Reilly, Jo McNamara, Elizabeth DuVal, Emerie Snyder, Raluca Barbulescu, Caraid O'Brien, Patrick O'Brien, Peter Shavitz, Mac Barett, John Spinks

Disc 2

Finnegans Wake - Chamber Music - Calypso
1. A review of Finnegans Wake
read by Thane Rosenbaum
2. "O tell me" a song from Finnegans Wake
sung by Raluca Rosenbaum
3. Anna Livia Plurabelle from Finnegans Wake
Read by Marian Seldes; James Joyce reads from Finnegans Wake
4. "Flower for my Daughter," "Noise of the Waters" from Chamber Music and "Ecce Puer"
Kaiku (Jaana Kantola, Pauala Jaakkola, Erja Vettenranta) sings Joyce's poetry
5. Calypso ‰ÛÒ The Complete Text
read by Stephen Colbert as Bloom, Isaiah Sheffer as narrator, and including the voices of Jeanie Bowers, Raluca Barbulescu, Pat Mulligan, Caraid O'Brien, Mac Barrett, Emerie Snyder, Nola Tully

Disc 3

Lotus Eaters and The Dead
1. "Shul Aroon" ("Walk, My Love")
sung by Ashley Davis
2. Lotus Eaters ‰ÛÒ The Complete Text
Stephen Colbert as Bloom, Isaiah Sheffer as narrator, and including the voices of Delphi Harrington, Caraid O'Brien, Emerie Snyder, Tim Ruddy, John Spinks, John O'Callaghan, Mark Byrne
3. A letter from Joyce
read by Lois Smith
4. "The Lass of Aughrim"
sung by Kate O'Brien
5. The Dead
excerpt read by Fritz Weaver, Rochelle Oliver
6. A letter from Sylvia Beach
read by Helen Jean Arthur

Disc 4

Monolope ‰ÛÒ Molly Bloom's Penelope Monologue
1. Three letters from Joyce
read by Malachy McCourt, Caraid O'Brien, John O'Callaghan, Roger Hendricks Simon
2. "Love's Old Sweet Song"
sung by Lisa Flanagan
3. Penelope
excerpt read by Terry Donnelly


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