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Holiday 4 Pack

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4 Stories that Shorts fans ask us for every year around this time.  Grab some cocoa, a set of headphones and enjoy!

Available for a limited time. Only available by download.

JAMAICA by David Schickler performed by Isaiah Sheffer
A Selected Shorts favorite!  A man with his head stuck between the banisters has no choice but to listen in on his wife's "Gorgon Book Club." 

THE H STREET SLEDDING RECORD by Ron Carlson performed by Keith Szarabajka.    
A husband and father brings wonder to his family’s Christmas every year by hurling horse manure onto the roof of their house each Christmas Eve, providing observable proof of Santa Claus and his fleet of reindeer.

CHRISTMAS IS A SAD SEASON FOR THE POOR by John Cheever performed by Malachy McCourt.  
A self-pitying elevator operator scams his rich tenants into pitying him with food and gifts until he gets giddy and reckless. His epiphany, at tale’s end, takes seed in others.

CHRISTMAS MORNING by Frank O'Connor performed by Malachy McCourt.   
A comic but poignant short story by Ireland's Frank O'Connor in which a mischievous young boy receives a gift from Santa that changes his perspective on his life.


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