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Symphony Space’s mission, as a pre-eminent multi-disciplinary performing arts center, is to offer artistic leadership that promotes innovation, excellence, engagement, and accessibility to artists and audiences alike.

Our goal is to be a nationally and internationally recognized cultural leader. In keeping with its founding principles, Symphony Space is committed to:

  • building and nurturing relationships with established and emerging artists
  • encouraging innovation and excellence as the keystones of all presented and produced work
  • fostering a creative environment that engages and inspires artists and audiences of all ages

We are dedicated to serving a broad and diverse community, as demonstrated by the stylistic range of our programming, our reasonable prices (both tickets and rentals), and by our leadership role in arts and literacy education for children and adults.


Selected Shorts is a weekly public radio show broadcast on over 130 stations to about 300,000 listeners. It is produced by Symphony Space and WNYC RADIO and distributed by Public Radio International. The radio show is recorded live at the popular New York City stage show which began in 1985 and still enjoys sell-out audiences today at the Peter Sharp Theater at Symphony Space on Broadway and 95th Street in New York City. Selected Shorts is one of the premiere reading series in New York City. The Selected Shorts podcast consistently ranks as one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes.

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