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Behaving Badly

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Darkly funny fictions by the likes of Stephen King and Aimee Bender, performed by Anjelica Huston, Michael Imperioli and others on the new greatest hits compilation from Selected Shorts.

George Saunders' My Flamboyant Grandson
Performed by Harris Yulin
A world in which consumer marketing has become an Orwellian nightmare preventing a grandfather from taking his grandson to a Broadway show. 

A.M. Homes' Adults Alone  
Performed by Christina Pickles
A married couple arrange, at long last, to have some quality time alone with each other.  The kids are dropped off at Grandma’s and there is nothing to prevent them from doing exactly what they want to as much as they want to.  And they do.

Aimee Bender's Job's Jobs
Performed by Anjelica Huston
"Do not question God, God said." A biblical reference frames a tale of an artist's vexing struggle for happiness just beyond reach.

Neil Gaiman's Troll Bridge
Performed by Neil Gaiman
Adapted from the story Three Billy Goats Gruff. In Gaiman's version, the troll approaches a young boy who has crossed his bridge and demands to "eat his life." The boy eventually persuades the troll to wait until he has lived a little more, after which he will return to the bridge.

Nathan Englander's For the Relief of Unbearable Urges
Performed by Jefferson Mays
The misadventure of a pious resident of Jerusalem, who is allowed by his Orthodox rabbi to visit a prostitute.

Stephen King's Popsy
Performed by Michael Imperioli 
A thrilling Stephen King adventure... with a stunning surprise ending.

Kim Addonizio's Ever After
Performed by Christine Ebersole
The story of what would happen if the seven dwarves shared a loft in SoHo, leading marginal lives and waiting for Snow White to appear and save them.


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