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2009 Audies Nominee for Best Audiobook Adaptation

"How could I look at my wife, the mother of my children, and feel only the need for revenge?"... From "Do You Know Where I Am?" by Sherman Alexie 

A collection that anyone who's taken that walk down the aisle can relate to! Moving stories about married couples' powerful and complicated loves.

Sherman Alexie's "Do You Know Where I Am?"
Performed by Keir Dullea 
A native couple's rocky college love affair lasts a lifetime. 

Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Wife's Story"
Performed by Joanna Gleason
A supernatural tale of marriage and transformation.

Karen E. Bender's "Eternal Love"
Performed by Joanne Woodward
A mother nervously chaperones her mentally disabled daughter's honeymoon.
Shahrnush Parsipur's "Mrs. Farrokhlaqa Sadraldivan Golchehreh"
Translated by Kamran Talattof and Jocelyn Sharlet
Performed by Frances Sternhagen
The unexpected twists and turns in a longtime marriage. (This story was banned by the Iranian government in the mid-1990s.)

Luis Alberto Urrea's "Bid Farewell to Her Many Horses"
Performed by Robert Sean Leonard
A grieving man visits the reservation to bury his young wife and makes amends with her family.

Ethan Canin's "We Are Nighttime Travelers"
Performed by Harold Gould
The arrival of a mysterious visitor sets off new sparks in a longtime marriage.

"This is a perfect collection for aficionados of both the short story and live performance."... To read the complete review, visit the AudioFile Magazine website.


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