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"He took everything so calmly; did he imagine that she always kissed the man sitting next to her on the night plane from Miami?" - From "Miami-New York" by Martha Gellhorn

Actors read fabulous stories that take place in transit, about adventures that would not have been possible without modern transportation. This compilation proves that a lot can happen neither here nor there, but on the way from one place to another.

Stuart Dybek's "Pet Milk"
performed by Keith Szarabajka
A young couple takes a romantic ride on the Chicago El.

Dorothy Thomas' "The Getaway"
performed by Mia Dillon
A bored midwestern housewife tries to escape to Kansas City.

Edward P. Jones' "An Orange Line Train to Ballston"
performed by Sonia Manzano
A mother of three yearns to see the dreadlocked man from the train again.

James Thurber's "A Ride with Olympy"
performed by David Rakoff
Two men take a bumpy ride through the French countryside. Hilarity ensues.

Martha Gellhorn's "Miami-New York"
performed by Joanna Gleason
An overnight flight makes for an unexpected romantic encounter between strangers seated together.

Annie Proulx's "The Trickle-Down Effect"
performed by James Naughton
A hay-buying expedition goes haywire!

Eudora Welty's "No Place for You, My Love"
performed by Andrea Marcovicci
On a sultry day, a couple takes a meandering drive from New Orleans as far south as they can go.

"For each story a superb actor reads in a live performance setting that enhances the bittersweet humor and warmth of these little voyages into very American landscapes." ... To read the complete review, visit the AudioFile Magazine website.


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