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The cast of characters in this compilation is a menagerie of animals... cats, dogs, birds, even a dragon... and their owners. These stories look at the myriad of experiences, and adventures, that pet ownership can bring. Join a medieval scholar who discovers that not all mythical creatures are extinct, stalk the night with the Cat of Frankenstein, kick that caffeine habit with a class of kindergartners, dance along with a divorcee and her dog, and more!

Gail Godwin's "St. George"
performed by Jane Curtin
Confronted by a living dragon, a medieval scholar is no expert.

Ana Menendez's "Story of a Parrot"
performed by Jacqueline Kim
A beautiful bird makes a woman reflect on her marriage.

Robertson Davies' "The Cat that Went to Trinity"
performed by Charles Keating
A gothic tale of a Frankenstein cat.

Molly Giles' "Pie Dance"
performed by Kate Burton
A divorcee is doing just fine with her dancing dog, Stray.

T.C. Boyle's "Heart of a Champion"
performed by Isaiah Sheffer
A hilarious Lassie send-up, in the style of a film treatment.

Max Steele's "The Cat and the Coffee Drinkers"
performed by Paul Hecht
A teacher's last lesson for her caffeinated kindergarteners.

"This is one of Selected Shorts' best offerings." - To read the complete review, vist the AudioFile Magazine


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