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This compilation features a wonderful selection of travel stories from public radio's Selected Shorts, an award-winning series of classic and contemporary short fiction read by distinguished stage and screen actors and recorded live at Peter Norton Symphony Space in New York City. Hilarity, suspense and high drama are offered up in this new mix of tales of travel to locales familiar and exotic. Take a trip in a time machine with Madame Bovary, join a father and son on a sailing voyage that goes dangerously awry, retreat to a country estate with the most eccentric hosts imaginable, and more!

N.M. Kelby's "Jubilation Florida"
performed by Joanne Woodward
An unconventional affair that begins at a convention.

Max Steele's "The Hat of My Mother"
performed by Paul Hecht

Nadine Gordimer's "The Ultimate Safari"
performed by Myra Lucretia Taylor
Crossing Krueger Park with a family of refugees.

Joan Didion's "Goodbye to All That"

performed by Mia Dillon
Why Joan Didion left New York. 
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Jason Brown's "The Afternoon of the Sassanoa"

performed by Bradley Whitford
A father and son sailing trip runs into trouble.

Ring Lardner's "Liberty Hall"
performed by Christina Pickles
A weekend with friends in the country goes wonderfully awry.

"One of the Best Audiobooks of 2007" - AudioFile Magazine website.


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