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From silly chuckles to rueful ironic glee to deep cosmic laughter, this new volume of humorous tales samples the best of recent seasons of the popular public radio series Selected Shorts.

Jonathan Lethem's "The Spray"
Performed by Robert Sean Leonard
A magical spray reveals unsettling truths to a young couple... with hilarious results.

Miranda July's "The Swim Team"
Performed by Parker Posey
How do you teach a group of daffy seniors to swim without a pool? Parker Posey deliciously explains...

Saki's "The Schartz-Metterklume Method"
Performed by Marian Seldes
A wacky nanny turns out to have remarkable skills.

Harry Mathews' "Country Cooking from Central France: Roast Boned Rolled Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb (Farce Double)"
Performed by Isaiah Sheffer
Isaiah Sheffer hysterically delivers an epic once-in-a-lifetime recipe to challenge the bravest cook.
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Thomas Meehan's "Yma Dream"
Performed by Christine Baranski
Wacky whimsy about a cocktail party guest list composed of two syllable celebrity names... Uta Hagen, Uma Thurman, Abba Eban... the most popular comic tale in the history of Selected Shorts.
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Julia Slavin's "Covered"
Performed by Alec Baldwin
Far-out funny story of an unraveling thread and its grip on the protagonist.
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Philip Roth's "The Conversion of the Jews"
Performed by Jerry Zaks
In Roth's laugh-out-loud classic, a boy on a synagogue rooftop makes everyone down below kneel.

"These entertaining stories will provide much-needed comic relief to combat winter's coming chill. and other adversities"... Publishers Weekly


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